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Keyboard and Mouse to become obsolete?


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The way people interact with computers is going to dramatically change in the next five years, Microsoft chief Bill Gates has told BBC News.

He predicted that the keyboard and mouse would gradually give way to more intuitive and natural technologies.

Watch the interview

Read the BBC article

The new 'surface' looks amazing!

I am reminded of my poor departed late mother. She was besotted with expectations of the future because of predictions in her youthful years. Huge screens, rocket packs, personal flying vehicles, space travel, even teleportation, were all things which she witnessed being predicted as becoming reality, before the year 2000, along with World Peace.

As for Bill Gates predictions and expectations, there is probably some degree of validity in what he says.

Whether Microsoft can make good without crashing the delivery vehicles is an obvious consideration.

However, I cannot help but feel that we, by our clamouring for technology for its own sake, instead of in servitude to us, are forgoing some basic and fulfilling human experience of reality.

I wonder what Mum would have thought of a future life as a member of the Borg.


I have heard professors of technology predict that the next phase of human evolution is to combine silicon processors with our carbon based organisms. One even went as far to state that the computer with artificial intelligence will replace us once we have instilled it with emotions. He concluded with the idea that we would be able to transfer ourselves into that intelligence for eternity.

Oh Great! Just what I need, a computer that lets me become a program fooling itself into thinking I am having an everlasting orgasm.


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I would be more impressed if it weren't for the fact that I had to use my typewriter this week, and I cannot even get through one hour without needing my pen and a piece of paper.

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