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"Love Me"

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Honestly, if I read it and someone else wrote it I would think that it was crude and pretty much elementary, but I guess I should start somewhere. Thanks for the read.

Sorry, mate, but you're so wrong about this. It just isn't crude or elementary. Far from it. This is well crafted and powerful poetry and packs quite a punch. If this is your first offering then it's very impressive. Please post some more!!


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I don't "do" poetry, with the odd limerick being my best effort, but I can appreciate your work. Honestly though, I just read it as prose, as I do all poems, and take in the message that way. It IS powerful, and exposes your angst and uncertainties, hopes and fears. It made me think, and feel compassion; there is nothing more important than communicating those. Well done, and a big hug to you.

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