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Guest tranqano

I was hoping that someone could help me find a story.

It's about two high school guys that are best friends. Their entire school thinks that their some big gay couple and the guys have no idea. When they finally catch on to what others think they stage a fake break up. They soon realize that everyone else just saw what they couldn't see and live happily ever after.

I really like this story, but i have no idea what the title is or where i even read it. I'm thinking that it was on Nifty though.

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Guest tranqano
There is a search engine associated with Nifty where, if you can remember anything at all about the title, the author's name, or any exact line or few words from the story, you might be able to find what you're looking for. Here's the link to the site.



Thank You. I've been looking for the last 20 minutes. Hopefully I'll find it soon, and when i do :sad:

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Hi Rad,

Nice to see you here again. I wasn't stealing your credit card number; you were giving it to me, remember?

Man, this is weird. You should change your name. :shock:

Rad :flasher[1]:

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