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"Forgotten Knight" on Nifty


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  • 2 weeks later...
I liked it so much that i contacted the author and volunteered to do some editing on it, in fact.


I'm wondering how that went over as a first contact fanmail? <snicker>



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As with all first contact situations, doubtless it was...fascinating.

"Have we sent the 'don't shoot us, we're pathetic' message yet?" -- Farscape.

Oh, sorry, I suppose a Ladyhawke ref. might've been more appropriate, given the topic of knights. Will I ever catch up on my reading? Jeez.

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It went very well, thank you very much 8). He knew he needed an editor, he read some of the things i have online (so he knew i wasn't just some weird, random person...well, i think he knew that anyway) and he wrote back saying he'd be happy to have me edit for him. *sticks out his tongue at the doubting thomases* LOL



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