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The rain started to fall harder so I quickened my pace. I was going from nowhere important to nowhere very much. It was getting dark, and I didn't want to be late for nothing much.

Beside me a red faced man in his forties bustled along under an umbrella. His paunch was wheezing, and raindrops wobbled on his bald pate.

Then, sauntering towards us was the boy I'd often seen before. Eighteen or nineteen, straight dark hair styled into spikes under the hood, white leads trailing from ears to Ipod, baggy lowslung jeans and those same old battered trainers, the logo on his teeshirt plastered wetly to his torso.

Oblivious to everything but his music, he obviously didn't know how angelic he was, and well, that just made him more angelic to me.

I slowed so I could have a few more seconds drinking him in...before he passed, unaware as always.

I took a quick look backward, at his tall swaying frame, before dragging my eyes away with a mental farewell, and promise to do it all again soon.

I glanced at the man with the umbrella, and...

...saw that same look in his eye. Taking in every detail as he looked back, trying to make it seem casual. The wanting to take, the pleading to give.

So there's someone else who understands. I wonder if, maybe, seeing as we both can't have, you know, that one, we could, perhaps.

No. He wouldn't want me. Because I'm too much like him. Too old, too needy, too...used up.

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Kapitano, I like this a lot.

So what if the ending isn't uplifting. I can feel the rain, and rain is real life, not fiction. Fiction can have cutesy nice neat endings, whereas real life tends not.

Yes, I liked this a lot. More please. :wink:

Camy :smile:

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