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Another Light

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Another Light

By: Jason Rimbaud

From the moment I learned that love was a game

I slept with the boys never knowing their names

For money and then drugs I sunk so low

It wasn't a life this existing out of control

And when I found a one that wanted to hold

I pushed them away forced them out in the cold

I put up these walls and never let in

Who needs a lover when drugs are my friend

No matter how hard I was up for the flight

Living my life in the shadows of light

But then it all changed when you entered my life

Soft spoken and honest you brought calm to the strife

With you by my side all the pain fades away

The drugs are forgotten with the coming of day

You understood why the drugs numbed the pain

And gave me the courage to step out of the rain

So I tore down the walls so you could come in

You're more than a lover and more than a friend

There's something about you that feels so right

Because of you I found love in another light

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A poem that lets love shine for all who read it,

A poem that reminds us all that love and life are inextricably entwined, just waiting for us to open up so we can enjoy them.

Jason, your poem earns my respect and symbol of excellence.

To Jason

For his poem

'Another Light'


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