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'Him' or - 'On naming one's Penis/Cock/Nob/Friend/Junk/Thing/Peter/Whatchacallit/Whosit'

by Camy

I don't wear chaps

so neither is he,

My doors have handles

he's not a 'nob', you see

He's not my 'Junk', my 'Thing'

or my 'Mate'.

And he certainly isn't

'Master Bates'.

He's asleep at present

with a smile on his 'face'

He won't comment on

knickers frilled with lace

He's rampant at times

but won't take the name

He loves who he loves

without shame or blame

He hates French Letters

and the postman too

But he knows they're required

though they turn him blue

He's calm at times

though he gets quite wild

And when he's in the mood

his language isn't mild

A misanthrope misogynist

with haughty aspiration

who comes to life regardless

if his chain is yanked - elation!


written on 14th March, 2008

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Maybe the "Penis Monologues"?

I'm amazed though, Camy. We only just barely brushed this topic, and you got that up in a real hurry. :wav:

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