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Ex is the Thing

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Ex is the Thing.

by Camy

Whatever you have

it's never enough

when the craving strikes

for the bad 'bad' stuff

You can wail, you can weep

you can swear "That's it!"

But time after time

you'll chase the hit

And time after time

advice will be given

But the givers themselves

will have never been riven

So sage as may be

On deaf ears it falls

for they ain't been there

felt the highs, faced the squalls

And the end result

whatever it may be

will be your choice alone

That's a fact - wait and see ;)


Another one discovered on a backup disk - July 2008

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You clearly have a very poor filing system - all these gems you 'discover' on backup disks from years ago!

I recommend you check your backups carefully so we can enjoy the great stuff you used to write but then lost...

Seriously I liked this one a lot. It reminded me in style of some of the poems of A.A.Milne but with an adult theme. Great stuff. The last verse is a scorcher.

Bruin :icon_geek:

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Methinks I'm not the only one that struggles with demons of addiction.

Or maybe as an addict, I read into the words what most connects with my mind and thoughts. Either way, a powerful piece that has me quietly contemplating my life. Brilliant.


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