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Lost and Found

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Lost and Found
by Camy

"FUCK OFF! I CAN'T!" Joey screamed at me as he pushed. I staggered back and fell. He loomed above, briefly showing concern before his face settled back into a sneer.

"Queer!" he spat, and walked off.

I was shell-shocked. He'd come on to me in the shower after gym. I was out; in love; and happy, as I'd tried to explain walking back through the park. Ruefully I got up, arse wet from the grass, and thought. My shoulder had brushed against his: stupid shoulder; stupid me. I laughed as I walked home.

We didn't talk for a month. He avoided me like plague. Then, with spring in the air, I was walking with Jay when I met him again. Not at school, but coming out of the GBLT Club on Celtic Avenue. He was alone. Like gunfighters we stopped and stared, then he walked over.

"Sorry, A," Joey said, his tone subdued.

"'s okay," I said, purposely bumping shoulders. I felt him flex, then bow before the inevitable breeze. "Glad you're sorted, then."

"Yeah," he said, a small smile in place. "I think I am. I really think I am."

This was first published at The Hub as part of their first flash fiction anthology. The theme of the anthology was "Heartfelt", it was a challenge to write a story of no more than 200 words conveying a powerful emotion. 200 words is tough!

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I remember being so confused during my High School days, one moment I would be flirting with a guy and the next minute calling him a faggot, mainly because I was so scared of my sexaulity.

If only I had done things differently.

Oh well, great job Emu, I like it when you write as well.


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