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By: Jason Rimbaud

Lance shifted his gaze towards his two best friends, Justin and Scott. He creased his forehead together as he tried to differentiate the two. Lately, if you saw one you saw the other, joined at the hip without being overly annoying like most couples. Never a fan of public displays of affection, they were subtle about their love, showing it in little ways, a glance, a touch, a blush, a steady showing of love that only a blind person would miss.

Lance felt a sudden surge of love for his friends, without their knowledge, their relationship was the catalyst that pushed him over the edge and helped him find the courage to propose to Shelia. They were the true testament of love?s perseverance and understanding; and maybe more importantly, love?s forgiveness.

The two boys were sitting together, so close as to be on top of one another. They were holding hands, something they just started doing a few weeks earlier; an unconscious display of love that Lance thought was cute.

Scott noticed the staring and mouthed, ?What??

Lance smiled, ?I love you.?

Scott winked with a smile, his fingers brushing the back of Justin?s hands tenderly.

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Perfect Jason, just perfect.

And before anyone says it couldn't happen, I have actually witnessed a gay couple's love inspire a straight couple to fall in love.

On more than one occasion I have heard straight people say, I hope I can have a love like you two.

Of course I had to tell them the bf didn't approve of threesomes. :icon_twisted:

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Thanks Des, at least I know I'm not filled with wishful thinking.

That being said, how can you have such a boring BF? After all, aren't you a confessed Hippie? What happened to free love and all that?


That's what I asked him, and he just replied, times change.

Seems like I'll have to do wishful thinking for both of us. :icon_twisted:

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Something seen and overheard. And, most importantly, acknowledged with approval and love. Very, very nice, Jason.

Colin :icon_twisted:

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All I can say is...Ahhhh. That was beautiful. Something deeper though is inherent here. If we can be outwardly natural with how we feel and love, we will touch others. We are an inspiration to others by just being ourselves.


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