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Google Browser?


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The Google Browser is based on the same engine as Safari. The look is very different, a lot more real estate for the page you're viewing. It also seems VERY fast. It's still in beta, so some things seem unfinished like printing. No add-ins or plug-ins or add-ons yet. Some pages generate bizarre error dialog, but a refresh usually opens them. Rendering is a tad off on some things like table borders that are way too big. All stuff I assume will be fixed by the time it is ready to release. Searching is in the same control where you enter a URL. It uses smart search to pull up choices. The home screen shows a series of blocks where your most recent sites are displayed, sort of like Opera but a lot better. I haven't had time to visit a lot of different sites, and no forums, or to play with options and configurations, but I will on Friday.

Colin :icon_geek:

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I installed it last night and looked at it very briefly. First impressions: lots of very good ideas including a very comprehensive implementation of tabs. It seemed significantly slower than Firefox rendering pages (the opposite of what Colin found, and he will have tested it more exhaustively than I did), but this didn't worry me since it's a Beta. I'm fiercely loyal to Firefox so I sort of didn't want it to be good but I think I was wrong. They've announced their intention to produce versions for Linux and OSX.

Good for Google!


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I played with Chrome tonight for about 20 minutes. I found that CSS and rendering bugs that are in Safari are also in Chrome; that's to be expected since they both use the same third-party browser engine. I found some unique CSS rendering problems, and results on the page when printing are iffy. Highlighting text is problematic; the cursor doesn't like to be repositioned using the mouse, and on some sites I had to use the cursor keys to put it where I wanted highlighting to start because clicking the mouse button would not move the cursor. Like Walt Mossberg I had several tabs active and suddenly Chrome went elsewhere -- the window disappeared -- and wouldn't reopen. I ran Task Manager and found a process was still loaded, deleted it, and then I was able to reopen Chrome.

Maybe it's because I'm on the campus network and they have some really, really big pipes to the internet, but loading pages is much faster with Chrome than any other browser. Another advantage over Firefox, Opera, and especially Safari is that Chrome loads as fast as IE7.

I'm sure Google will be working on a lot of these eccentricities. Chrome's not bad considering that it's a beta version.

Colin :icon_geek:

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Thanks guys. I really hadn't expected such dedication to interrogating the Google browser.

I was merely posting a message about its existence.

Anyway thanks again to all of you. I'll wait for the results on the final release before I decide on it.

Damn, you guys are good.


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The privacy concerns were reported in the newspapers today, here in Australia. The response from Google Australia is that the corresponding clause has been removed and that change has been retroactively applied to existing downloads.

Article from The Age Newspaper in Melbourne.

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