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by Camy

Bereft of love I walk alone

Our final row, no passing stone.

No happy wakeup morning kiss,

Just empty closets and CD's I'll miss.

I loved him more than I can say,

Now he's gone my world seems gray.

Yet it's probably for the best,

He had three nipples on his chest.

One's too few: two's just right,

But on that starry starry night

I left my specs at home you see,

And three's too many for a guy like me.


This started out as a serious poem - the first stanza, obviously (I hope).

Then it got sillier. :icon_twisted:

And - in case you wondered - my relationship is just peachy!

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It's not that silly. Many people have more than two nipples, although in most instances they are much smaller in size and not particularly obtrusive, nor sensitive. And NO, I don't have extra nipples.

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