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Questions about Spam Bots

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There are special computer programs designed to search through the Internet. Some of these are okay -- that's the way Google learns of new things for it to store in its database so you can search for things.

However, some are written for what many would consider to be a more sinister purpose. The "spam bots" search the Internet looking for public forums (like AD) where they can register themselves as new 'members', and then use those registrations to make inappropriate posts. They seem to be roughly equally divided between advertising porn sites and advertising sites selling pharmaceuticals.

In response, forum software developers work to try to ensure that only humans register as members to the forums, but it's a never ending battle as the spam bot developers find ways around the techniques that the forum software developers use. That's what happened here -- a new breed of spam bot has found a way past the protections in our forum software. We have plans on how to stop them, but they'll take a bit of time to put in place.

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What exactly is a "spam bot"?

Wikipedia can be your friend!


Very scary how these things work, and how they can snowball very quickly. I've heard of some Usenet newsgroups and websites that have come crashing to a halt after thousands of spambots descended on them, after as little as a few hours.

You gotta wonder about the twisted minds that create these things...

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I have removed the topics and posts.

It seems like it was posted by a -guest- which shouldn't be possible.

Please keep me informed of any further violations.

A new upgrade for the IP Board software is on the way as soon as we can get it.

This hopefully addresses the problems.

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email me if you like. It is probably quicker as I am on every 5 hours or so.

But I am watching and checking as soon as I log on.

It is most annoying for us all, but we will survive. I have taken further steps to slow these beasts down, but if they can bypass those measures then we should signal the mother-ship for help.

I tried to tell them that anal probing wouldn't stop spamming, but did they listen to me...NO!

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