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The Youngest Headmaster In The World

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The human spirit to do good just cannot be stopped, can it?

This story will result in Babar Ali helping people everywhere, just through the example of his work becoming known, worldwide.

Now what can I do in my back yard?

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This is a situation where a micro-grant could be given to Ali to allow him to have a cover constructed in his back yard (with his parent's approval, of course) and to purchase benches, a generator and the fuel to run it to provide light, a blackboard, and other supplies that would make his job as a teacher easier.

Colin :icon_twisted:

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I certainly understand everyone's thoughts of support and encouragement for what this boy it doing, but a cautionary note might be inserted here. If money starts pouring or even trickling in, venal adults will see it. The urge will be high for someone to take advantage of it, and suddenly the kids being helped may not be any longer. Everything can change if a quick grab at the available dollar takes place.

What he's doing is wonderful. As there's no money involved, he has volunteers helping him. How little it would take before everything could change.


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