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So...what concerts have yall been to?

I've been to about 5 Sevendust concerts. (one of them was when they did their acoustic stuff - fantastic!)

1 Staind/sevendust


1 Deftones/Dredg

A bunch of crappy ones that my dad made me go to, like lorie line, and kieko matsui and shit...lol

And i'm goin to Ozzfest this year! m/

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APC, ICP, Fuel, American HiFi.

My brothers been to a ton of sevendust concertm he saw them and El Nino last year twice. Lucky bastard has time to go to a ton of concerts, as a matter of fact hes going to see Slipknot tonight in Philly.

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Rolling Stones

Rush (many Times)


Cheap Trick



the Police

Golden Ear Ring

Motley Crew


Monsters of Rock at Memphis (wish I could remember it, too wasted)


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Whare to place my first post, I arsked mehelth. :-k I brownsed and red until squared in da eyebalz and came up down here. :? Concertz wuz da topic and i retirn to dat. :smt016

Last summa at the Berkeley Greek Theatre, one fab show includin O.A.R., Guster, Howie Day and Matt Nathanson. Another show at the same loc, John Mayer. (who, might I add, is sexy as well as talented. Always a bonus.) :smt033

The prev summa was 3 diff showz: Yes, Steve Miller Band and John Mayer (who, might I remind, is sexy as well as talented. Always a bonus.) :smt050

Prev to that, my rekalecs are fizzy cuz I'm old and decreped. :smt100 The fist cancert wuz Jethro Tull at Magical Square Garden back in 1977 wen I wuz but a ying lad. A brit flute playing reck band was somewhere specal, spezly Aqualung and Cross Eyed Mary. :smt028 1978 found me Long Island lost searching fer the venue to see Springsteen, witch wuz phenom and a whipping for whores long! Da longest ever lasting long cancert! :smt041 In 1979, birday #18 rolled and tings get mere fizzier yet cuz I swallered tre two meny brewskies! ~hic~ :smt117

Sorry dat wuz leftover budweiser spuds and lizzies and froggies and farrets regurgatin. :smt087

If ya tink dis reds phunny, ya shud here me speex! :smt108

Phinaby, I wood like to sai, "Wonerfill job ya half don wit da site doods! yell alwaz have az mush suppy az can be offed fer free!" :clap: :clap: :clap:

The preceding public service announcement was paid fer by HAWFP (Homosexuals Angry With Fred Phelps (the lying scum that he is, may he rot in mass quanties of spoiled pea zoup!))

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Hey... welcome to The Eggman... writer of one of my fay-voh-rite stories... A New Life/Life Goes On and purveyor of the popular site http://www.theglassonion.org just in case you didn't know.

Eggman, the link to your story dropped off the AwesomeDude home page not long ago as we passed the 60 days since Chapter 7 was posted. Hope those brewskies aren't coming between us and Chapter 8!

I was a major market DJ during the sixties and know the bass line to just about every tune from early 60's to early 70's. While listening to Sirius Satellite Radio's 60's channel yesterday... I thought of you while playing air bass!

Welcome to the AwesomeDude Forums!

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Prez would be proud! :D No brewskies, gotta watch my waist, and it gets easier to see with every passing day! :oops: Honestly, I've been spending way more time playing guitar and bass recently. But Prez had some stuff to say the other day and I wrote it down. A teaser preview of LGO-08 is at my message board.

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*cough* old people *cough*


forgot...i seen Rush with my parents...a year or so ago..

Damn kids!

Show some respect! What, did you think you invented staying up wasted all night!?

You should have been here for the seventies. Cyber-sex my ass...


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*cough* old people *cough*


forgot...i seen Rush with my parents...a year or so ago..

Damn kids!

Show some respect! What, did you think you invented staying up wasted all night!?

You should have been here for the seventies. Cyber-sex my ass...


I've heard about your superbowl parties.......I bow to the master :smt033 :-D

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shit, lol

i'd rather not have drug induced sex with random people...

but that's just me, maybe you like doin that stuff, and that's cool, i guess..lol

Not at all.

It was a very different world back then. Those of us that adjusted to the new reality lived.

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I've only been to three concerts.

My first was S.T.U.N., The Start, Coheed and Cambria, and The Used. I can't stand any of these guys except for Coheed, but it was still fun.

Second was Weird Al Yankovic. Yeah. I'm a geek.

Third was The Bronx, Head Automatica, Piebald, and Thursday.

Plan-It-X Fest is coming by my area this summer, so I'll get to that if at all possible. DIY and folk-punk - can't beat that.

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following are the notable ones in no particular order:

cake (twice), weezer (twice), doheney, campfire girls, year of the rabbit, piebald, de la soul, flaming lips, cardboard vampires (featuring ex members of alice in chains), primus, col. les claypool's fearless flying frog brigade, von bondies, auf der maur, psychotic larry, dandy warhols, chemical brothers

i've been to other shows, but mostly they were just incidental and they were obscure bands

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