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Stupidity alive and well in our schools

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Outrageous! It makes me wonder what other indoctrination they teach at this school.

I doubt they have a course on critical thinking.

Just look and listen to this boy in the video at Cole's link.

He has all the characteristics, the speech pattern and physical inhibitions in his manner, of a boy trying to assert his independence in the face of cultural subjugation.

More and more do we see schools being used to condition kids rather than educate them.

Oh, don't get me started.


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If you liked that, take your blood pressure meds before you see this.

This sign was seen at a fund raiser for republican Rick Perry in his upcoming race for Governor of Texas.

Sarah Palin and other republican heavyweights were in attendance.


Obliviously they are courting the shut-in, religious fanatic fuck-tard vote.

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