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Rare tornado in Queensland Australia


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I have great affection for Aussies and as someone who lives in the part of the US named tornado alley, I have some experience with the beasts.

Despite what you've seen in the movies, the correct move is to RUN AWAY! :wav::wav:

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Have you noticed, Cole, that 'away' is rather too vague when the silly things flit all over the place, from this direction to that?

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And I suppose in SA they just legislate them out of existence (or filter them).

No, in SA we just deny everything. We are in denial about everything. (As distinct from being in the Nile which is a river in Egypt.)

To prove how much we are in denial, have a look at this news item about a dead tree that the government seems to think is just resting (like a certain parrot.) The comments pretty much sum up this state of denial.

And people wonder Why I am bit agro... :wav:

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