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A necessary clarification and notification.


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For the record, I asked Dave to reconsider as well. He said he would not be returning his stories to Deweywriter. It was his decision ,and his alone to make. I don't like it, but I understand and respect his decision, and most of all I respect him as a friend. Beyond anything that has happened here or at Deweywriter, I have him as a friend, and that is what matters to me.

What's more, having him as a friend does not preclude me having friendships with others who don't necessarily agree with his view.

Having said this, I have been forced to remain neutral on this discussion for several reasons:

Firstly, I know nothing about Bush's plan, so anything I say will be uninformed and unhelpful in any manner.

Secondly, any statement I make can, and most likely will be misconstrued to say something I did not intend. I find it increasingly difficult to voice an opinion on anything because I might offend someone, so I remain silent.

Lastly, there is a gap so wide between generations that I fear it may be impossible to bring the "baby boomers" and the younger generations together in anything.

I have had enough of the bickering and arguing that is tearing apart this "community". Civility seems to have been removed from our capacities. I am tired of it. I have run out of patience with people who spout off when they have no knowledge of a situation. After the accusations and statements that have been made to and about me, I will be withdrawing from the net until I feel able to respond to people in a rational, courteous, civil manner, unlike those who have recently been in contact with me (of which none of them are regular posters here).

Yes, I understand Dave's decision. All too well.

Good day, gentlemen.

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Speaking completely for myself, what the critics don't understand is that I write for ME and no one else. If others like it or get something out of it, then it's a happy bonus. I know from the feedback that I've been getting, some people are enjoying and relating to my tales.

I too notice a generational divide in our community and urge all parties to cease fire and think this through.

Division only serves to weaken us all.

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rusticmonk86 Does this belong in Readers Rule?  

In as much as it applies to stories and writers on this site, I think it does. It was all generated by the posting of The Eggman's farewell and explanation for his withdrawing from DeweyWriter, AwesomeDude, TheGlassOnion and the web in general. Where would you put it, under the Poets' Corner for "poetic justice?" :p

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Just for the record. I have deleted the topic which escalated into an unfortunate exchange.

I took a page from Codey's poem about the angry words remaining after the anger is long gone.

Who will use words to injure and hurt  

thinking they're proving a point,  

forgetting that after the anger is gone  

the words will still remain?

There was no censorship here as the thread persisted for several days... and you have all had a chance to read it... just a bit of spring housecleaning. And the notice on the front page will suffice to explain why we no longer carry Dave's stories.

Wish it were otherwise... but

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Well, moving it to the Limerick section would certainly lighten things up.

There once was a writer named Dave...

Excellent. I think all quarrels should be automatically shifted to the Limerick Lane/Poetry Place. Members unable to versify their anger will thus be disarmed and those packing prosy will inherit the earth. As it should be.



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It is sadly true that good manners are noticeably lacking in this era, in general. Lack of civility seems to almost be looked upon as 'honesty' or 'forthrightness', as though one cannot be honest or forthright without being rude. definitely a pet peeve...



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