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'Sworn to love Harry'-poem by TR

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No, Father, I shall not marry

Shall have no bride

Here at my side

For I am sworn to love Harry

Oh, Mother, plan no wedding day

No girl in white

No bridal night

For I promised my soul away

When we were two, I gave my heart

Ribbons of blue

Promises, too,

That nothing could tear us apart

When we were ten, he gave a ring

Silver in hue

With promises true

Mine, no matter what time would bring

No grandchild will be begotten

Mother, don?t cry

He did not lie

I know he has not forgotten

Mother, do not weep so forlorn

My heart is true

And despite you,

Mother, I will not be forsworn

So let not the churchman tarry

No wedding chime

I have not time

For I wait alone for Harry

No, Father, I shall not marry

No wedding cake

No vows will take

For I am sworn to love Harry

Version with visuals: http://www.tragicrabbit.org/poems/Sworn%20...m%20by%20TR.htm

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When I read Sworn To Love Harry the first time through, an old tune I have loved since childhood began to play in my mind... without apparent reason.

Did anyone else have a similar experience?

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Very nice, but I have to disagree with the sentiment.

I'd like to see the narrator marry Harry one day, even if it is not possible today.


But I thought the sentiment was pro-marriage. Despite what he says, he's more promised than any wedding could make him, yes? Its just the word itself, the technicality, that he's telling his parents he will not do with someone else. Because he's already given himself to Harry. Sort of as if he has some contempt for the trappings of marriage when, as he keeps saying, he's already sworn. Yes? No? The view from the inside is always different, though. There is no right way to feel about a poem, even if you are the author.



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Call it whatever you like, it seems to me that it's only binding if the two people mean it... even if there never is a ceremony. However, I'd prefer the chance to marry. (Part of that time in the closet was spent thinking I'd never marry or have kids. It's refreshing to realize I was being dumb.)

I'm just wild about Harry.

Harry's just wild about me.

Yeah, go Harry!

Wait, I guess they'd be wild hares, right? :wink:

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