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"Tim" (rev 2) by Cole Parker

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Seems appropriate to start a new thread (rather than perpetuating an old thread) for the revised "Tim" that started posting today.  If nothing else, the revised posting has modern CSS formatting rather than the hideous Microsoft mangling of the past, making it easier to read.  

When I read the "Coming Soon" post saying that this story was to be re-serialized, I was pretty sure I remembered it immediately.  I had to confirm by email that I was correct in my recollection (since the old version has been removed from AD).  I have always liked the story, including (in the original version) the somewhat-unconventional extended flashback section in the middle.  

Cole's preface suggests that he was unhappy with his execution of the original story.  If this re-serialization helps him feel better about the product, then I'm glad it's happening.  But honestly, other than the clunky formatting, I thought the original was pretty darned good.  And I particularly liked the resolution where, much like Randy in the shorter "Exothermic Reaction" by Gee Whillickers, Tim finally sheds some core emotional baggage that has been wrecking his life.  I remain confident that, in contrast to George Lucas's ham-fisted effort at "improving" the original Star Wars movie, Cole will preserve everything that made this story great.


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Here's the link to Tim, one of Cole's all-time greatest stories. In fact, I'd say that second to his excellent story When He was Five, Tim really is Cole's next best story, ever. It's a long one, though, but well worth the read. There isn't much I'd want to see changed at all except for the transition between the first and second parts, which was a bit jarring. It wasn't clear at first that part two was a flashback, and a long one at that, but then I read the original on Nifty and there wasn't really a good way to separate the different parts. I expect that the transition will be quite a bit clearer now, and I really look forward to reading this great story again.

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The funny thing is, I've read it then, but can't completely remember how it ended.
I rember it was a great story (it's one of Cole's, duh....  😉 ), but it is very nice to walk the experience again. Without completely knowing what will happen.

Like it.

Again. 😀

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When we stopped, he asked me, “Where did you move here from?” I told him Ohio, and he said he’d never been there, he’d lived here in the South all his life and they didn’t travel much.


As far as I can tell, "here in the South" is as close as we ever get to learning exactly where Tim and his father moved to when they left Ohio.  A plausible place to relocate from there would be somewhere in Tennessee, which would arguably qualify as "the South," but that's just my speculation.  Somehow the story does not seem to be set in somewhere like Arkansas or Mississippi or  Georgia.  If there is anything more specific I missed it.


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