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Hey, I just wanted to announce this new novel I started a few weeks ago. I got inspired to try my hand at some "teen muscle" fiction, which is kind of a bizarre sub-genre that's around on the net. There are whole websites devoted to this stuff, which amazed me.

A lot of it is spirals way off into fantasy land and gets much too weird and bizarre for my tastes. (If you want 500-pound guys that are 10 feet tall with 100" chests, that's cool, but it's not quite what I'm into.) I kept Cerulean much more realistic, but I also decided to make it a lot more sexual than my usual thing.

I dunno if this will be a turn-off to readers, but suffice it to say, I've actually gotten a kick out of writing it. To me, the interesting thing about all these stories is the characters' flaws, and how they react to conflicts, traumas, and real-world challenges. Most muscle stories never deal with this, so I've enjoyed pushing the story into reality -- assuming you buy into this universe and accept that this kind of thing can happen.

Anyway, check it out. We should have at least five full chapters up in the next week or so. The link is here:


Enjoy, and let me know what you think of it. (Oh, and the fact that the lead characters are named "Michael" and "Joey" is purely coincidental, I'm sure.) moon.gif

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I'm in awe. Your characters have totally captured me already, and that is all three of them. I had to suspend my disbelief when it came to the growth rate, despite the explanation of all the food being eaten. As much as muscle might grow quickly, bone, teeth, and hair take longer, and if there is new hair, there should be long fingernails, as they are the same basic thing. But that's the point of suspending disbelief, of course.

The whole story is really intriguing, and keeps moving nicely, each section creating new interest and direction. I'm looking forward to more.

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As much as muscle might grow quickly, bone, teeth, and hair take longer, and if there is new hair, there should be long fingernails, as they are the same basic thing. But that's the point of suspending disbelief, of course.

Hey, you know, you bring up a good point. I'll see if I can work in a scene where the good doctor explains why the boys' hair and fingernails don't grow at an alarming rate. (I'm so lame, I'll just have him say, "there's much we don't yet understand about the reactions involved. Suffice it to say, your hair and fingernails will remain normal -- unless there are unexpected complications.")

I'm a huge, huge fan of the Fox-TV sci-fi show Fringe, and my own Dr. Noble is a flat-out steal of Dr. Walter Bishop from that show. (John Noble is the actor's name.) Writing dialog for him is an absolute pleasure, because his cadence and diction are so precise and memorable.

Things will start getting out of control very quickly, so hold on...

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This looks like its going to be fun... *as he scraps his super-soldier story*

No, really? I swear, I pulled this story totally out of thin air. I stumbled upon an obscure, uncompleted story about seven years ago called "Billy" which provided the initial idea: two young teenagers stumble upon a government facility and steal some pills, and they realize the pills have unexpected... consequences.

I thought it'd be more interesting to flesh it out and say it was all part of a super-soldier DARPA thing from the 1980s, an experiment that crashed and burned because all the test subjects got out of control. I never saw the early-1990s movie Universal Soldier, but my partner tells me there's echoes of that in there as well.

The writing on this one has come very quickly for me, so it's been a lot of fun to write so far. We'll see where the tale takes us -- I have very little plotted out, so this is really coming from out of the ether. Parts of the story are true -- there was a real explosion in Henderson, Nevada 22 years ago, and I have looked over the town to get a feel for how it really looks -- but other than that, it's just sex and muscle. (Not that there's anything wrong with that.)

I'm a big fan of Dan Kirk's off-the-wall gay/military fiction stories (at this link), so some of this is a nod towards the Tom Clancey-esque detail of his novels. I don't think the soldier aspects of this story will happen for a long time, at least a dozen chapters. But we'll see.

There's a lot of different approaches you can use for this sort of thing, and believe me, the "gay teens suddenly become huge and muscular" plotline has been used about 500,000 times on the net. I figured, eh, I'd try to do it my way and see what happens. So don't scrap anything on my account! I'm just another moron around here, throwing ideas at the wall and seeing what sticks.

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