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How to spend a great afternoon...

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With the creation of the World Wide Web I think we?ve all heard or have made comments on how much smaller the world has become now that we can venture out into cyber space. Evidence of that is certainly here on the Awesome Dude site where so many of us come together and read each other?s work while at the same time getting a chance to actively interact with and meet new people globally.

I think the fact that that I can jump on the net and instantly talk to friends around the world is great and soooo cool, but what?s even better is having the chance to sit face to face with someone and have a true interaction in ?REAL.? Seeing the other person across the table from you, looking at their expression change as the conversation progresses and thoroughly enjoying the ?tennis match? as one idea or thought gets lobbed your way and you volley it back with a spin of your own ? no computer, web camera or real time media can compare with the real thing.

I recently had the chance to travel to the U.S. west coast. While I was there, I had the opportunity to spend some time with AD?s own ?rusticmonk86? ? Gabriel Duncan. Over lunch and later a coffee we got to know each other as the real people we are instead of just our cyber-selves.

Walking the streets of San Francisco?s Castro, sitting in a small caf? over lunch and then later having a coffee in one of the local coffee shops we discussed a variety of topics and talked about many things. (I think in our discussions we just might have solved at least 1/2 of the worlds problems ? now if everyone just LISTEN and AGREE with us ? right Gabe!)

After a sunny ? although cool and lightly breezy ? afternoon, I said goodbye with a smile on my face and went back to my hotel thinking that if Gabe is an example of what it means to be young and gay today, then the world has certainly progressed many steps forward.

The smart, funny, thoughtful and remarkably insightful young man I met gives me hope that there IS intelligent life out there. The fact that he is not only out, but also active in the community and trying to make a difference in the world, while at the same time advancing himself was heartwarming and inspiring. And the two autographed books of his poetry was a bonus. (I?m going to wait until he?s way famous and then auction them off to the highest bidder on e-bay!). Actually it was not only touching to receive them, but they will have a special place in my library.

Thanks for a great afternoon Gabe. And thanks for giving me hope that the future is going to be in some very good hands.

(Maybe one of these days I can return the favor and share a cappuccino on the terrace of one of my fav places in Brussels).


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Hey Jamie!

Hmmmm......meeting cyber pals huh? Well, it's 9000 miles from Jakarta to the coast of California but I'm crossing my fingers :)

You're right of course. After reading writings and corresponding with people in the net we do want to meet them.

Nothing beats face-to-face conversation. Well, except if you have something to diguise ^_^

BTW have you received my mail? I lost one over the net a couple of months ago so I kinda paranoid. Wether or not is reached the destination.

Anyway, I'll make my comment on I caria later k?



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-- "Waiter, there's a fly in my cappucino!"

-- "There is not, I assure you. It is the bubbles and the fresh spices you are seeing, monsieur."

:: sotto voce :: "...Les mouches, c'est un caf?, al fresco, avec l'aire frais et le soleil si joli, et il complaint des mouches. Euf!" (1)


Well, I'd enjoy a cappucino in Bruxelles or in Frisco, in such good company. I'm pretty certain that our beastie friend bathes regularly and doesn't attract flies either.

And this does seem like the perfect place to have a drink with a few friends and read a story... and maybe watch the guys go by. Hmm, and if one stops to say hello.... You know, I think I like this better all the time. :D

Maybe I really am less confused about all this than I think. Now if I can just get this comfortable in person.... Ahh, :stretch: :silly-grin:


(1) "...Flies, it's a caf?, al fresco, with fresh air and such lovely sunshine, and he complains about flies. Hmpf!"

;) :))

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I actually prefer tea to coffee. Almost any tea is nice. Ordinary black tea, orange-spice, cinnamon, mint, lemon, Earl Grey, :: sassafras :: ...it's all good.

When I have coffee, it's with cream or milk, or flavored coffee. So caf? au lait or cappucino are preferable. A demi-tasse of European-style extra-strong black coffee? I'd be as jittery as Butters on South Park, just from two cups of American coffee in a row. Wheeee!


As to guys, well, I'm not entirely sure what my type is yet, but I'm open-minded. I do have some ideas what fills the bill for me. :)

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I remember the first time I went to Star Bucks. I didn't even wanna be there. My cousin took me in. Gawd. I didn't even know what I wanted to order.

I ended up with mocchiato. I didn't know the sugar was separate so I drank it without sugar. I almost threw up. It's so bitter. uggghhhhh...I never return to star bucks again.


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It's probably blasphemy, coming from a guy who lives at starbuck central, but i'd almost prefer chewing lightbulbs to going into a starbucks. The coffee is overroasted, the whole set up of the shop is waaay too commercial and corporate--blech!

I have a favorite little coffee cart down the street that i always go to--it's called TNT Coffee, but we all know it as "Lesbian Coffee." It's owned and operated by our favorite flavor of women...the women that work there are a hoot, and they pull a damn good latte. I like a triple shot, 20 oz mocha, 2% milk, no whipcream with a shot of raspberry syrup.



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Well, to catch up with all you guys... I'm back in Brussels sitting here looking out the window and down at the fish market (just a name they don't sell fish there anymore - it is now a street of upscale seafood restaurants)... the fountain at the end of the street is filled now that we're into the Spring/Summer season and it's bubbling away.


I DID get your long and detailed mail (thanx by the way) and replied. Apparently you didn't get it... soooooo... I sent it again (to both mail addresses). So check again & hopefully you got it.


Flies and al fresco dining... they just go hand in hand (along with gnats, lady bugs, and the occasional bee or wasp (OUCH!).


I drink my share of tea, but I usually need an IV of coffee to get me going... it didn't take me long to get used to European coffee, strong, delicious and caffine laced.


Agreed Starbucks is over priced and doesn't do that much for me! I'm more a fan of the smaller mom and pop shops. In Brussels, there are so many places to sit and have a nice beverage (alcoholic or non-alcoholic). The cafe culture of Europe is a great island of sanity in a sometimes mad world.


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SOuthners drinking tea has nothing to do with gay-ness in any form.

The really good old southern families are of British origin and are very heavily influenced by them culturally. In the past the Southern aristocraacy was educated almost exclusively in England and are Episcipols. Some of the sur-names even retain their British spelling: eg. Whyte.

These are not the hicks and rednecks that you see on tv and movies nor are you likely to run into them at the mall.

Rednecks are Scoth-Irish protestants and tend to be Baptist/Methodist and alcoholic.

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At great risk to my eternal soul, I have to agree with WBM here. coffee is the ambrosia of the gods.


Can't think of anything i'd rather be doing than hanging out in a streetside cafe in Bruxelles in your amiable company. I'm pretty sure we'd have lots of laughs.



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Good coffee is excellent, but there is so much bad coffee around that I usually end up drinking tea as my staple caffiene fix.

Australia is lucky in that we had a large influx of European immigrants after WWII, especially greek and italian, so we have a very strong "proper coffee" culture. Starbucks has arrived on our shores, but I don't think they are doing as well as they may have expected -- too much competition from the little coffee shops scattered around the cities.


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Do you know tea can prevent cancer? Drink green tea. I'm doing it right now. Having green tea at morning and afternoon. NO SUGAR.

Coffee isn't good for you anyway. It's rather drink hot chocolate. Having dad and a brother who like coffee I know what it tastes and I never drink it unles I had to cram a week's worth of study into one night.

Chewing lightulbs? rather extreme but I'd probably do that before going to starbucks. The coffe is OVERPRICED and I got only half glass. Grrrrrr..

Hey Jamie!

I've received your mail. Something must be wrong with Hotmail or Outlook. I'll use gmail to contact from now on. Boy, you don't look like half-century old :) ^_^

Expect a reply after weekend! Cheers!

Cheers Everybody!



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