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I've never participated in a forum of any kind in any way before, so please forgive me if I do this all wrong.

I've written a short story that I would like to submit to this site, but I would like to make sure it measures up first. So, i'm looking for someone to edit/proof read/point out major flaws ... tell me if I suck.

My biggest concern is that it isn't really a story at all, that it's just two people talking. So, I need someone to tell me, brutally honestly, if it is worth a reader's time or not.

I'd rather not post it on a forum. I'd rather send it to someone privately if anyone out there is so kind. I promise I'm not argumentative; I'm not overly attached to my writing. I only want to get better.

Hope I did this right.

Thank you.

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You did it fine!

It would be useful if you'd say how long the story is you've written. Someone might be very willing to look at something that's, say, 6,000 words long, but be reluctant to tackle a 35,000 word offering, and so not make the offer to help simply because of that uncertainty.

The fact it's all dialogue shouldn't make any difference at all. It's the quality of the writing that's important, not the format or framework.


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Hi Cleveland,

This a group of writers of all degrees of competence, Cole being one of our best, that want to be better, that are working at their craft. We all know that our first drafts are miserable but realize that editing, re-editing and taking a final look at it is necessary. I'm glad that you've accomplished the first step in writing a story and are now on the second, third, fourth, etc steps in making it ready for the readers. Well done!

Many writers use many different approaches in getting out their story. Many use narrative to describe what is happening, but I for one, use a lot of dialog to get the story across. You say that you've used a lot of dialog. That's great.

Now, you've got everybody's interest in exactly what it is that you've written. If you'd permit me, I'd be interested in seeing what you've written. I'm not an expert at editing because I don't do it for a living, but I'll be honored to take a look.

And (I've been slammed be experts for starting a sentence with a conjunction) we are so glad that you're joining us. Everyone here is ready to assist a writer, given their own time constraints. This really is a community.

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I have a problem with commercial jingles. They get stuck in my head and I sing them till my dog looks at me like I'm off my nut.

Of course, he looks at me like that anyway.

The worst was the free credit report dot com jingles from a year or so ago. Couldn't get 'em outta my head. The new ones suck, however.


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