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Alian's Watch - By Dabeagle


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Excellent story. It really hits home with all of the reports of sucides since the school year started. The lack of editing wasn't too distracting, and the message is one that needs to get out, again and again and again.

Those small minded idiots that are trying to get anti-bullying programs stopped because they supposedly encourage "gay behaviour" and "rejection of Christ" need to be stopped. This is a fight that must be won. Lives depend on it.

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It's been a long time since the last time I read Dabeagle's story. It brought tears to my eyes again, not because of what Alain might have done, but because he was rescued. I have a family member who might have been an Alain and was rescued. I think things for kids are better now, and will continue to get better in the future.

Colin :icon_geek:

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Guest Dabeagle

Looking at this short story always reminds me of the things I should have written better, and of how a critical eye in the editorial process could have made it much better than the rush job I insisted on foisting on the waiting readers. I really need to rework this one - but, as always, I'm very happy that it connects with people.

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