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Fort Worth city councilman Joel Burns' emotional speech

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Thanks for posting about this video clip, Gee. I watched it and watched it again, and again, and saved it to my computer so I can watch it again. It's an incredibly powerful address, even though it's delivered haltingly and without polish. Perhaps because it it's halting and unpolished. It clearly comes from the heart.

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See, as disgusting as shock jock Howard Stern can be, he's extremely against bullying in schools, having been a victim of bullying himself in junior high and high school. He's ranted quite a few times over the years about how this should be rigidly banned from schools, and discussed how gay kids should have the right to live the way they want.

Howard understands that being different is no excuse for somebody else to harass you and make your life difficult. Ironically, the shock jock goes to therapy three times a week, partly for the damage done during his childhood years -- partly to indifferent parents, partly to schools and teachers that don't care and/or aren't sensitive to the issues.

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On a more positive note, I just saw a very moving "It Gets Better" video by some of the gay producers, writers, and artists at Pixar Animation:

Really terrific. I particularly liked the comment from one guy who said, "not all of us are like Kurt from Glee."

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The pixar video is splendid, as are all the thousands of other videos that have been contributed to the It Gets Better Project.

If only I had seen them when I was a teenager. My life would certainly have followed a different path. Oh, well, I still have choices about what path my life should lead from now on!

Gay Pride, anyone??!

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