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TR Has Not Written a New Story

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No, TR has not written a new story, set in the 1941 Pacific Ocean. He has not written it nor has he posted same. Nor has anyone read it, obviously, since it doesn't exist. Had he written one and no one read it, that would mean that it sucked prodigiously.

Just thought I'd mention.


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I may have sighted this story that doesn't exist, but due to work commitments (also known as being actually required to do some work, for a change) and retiring to a hotel room exhausted at the end of the day, I haven't had a chance to read it.

It is on the list of things to be done (unless it disappears on me, which would be a tragic event).


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And was very impressed.

TR has created a "period piece" in which you can almost smell the salt air.

He has done an excellent job of capturing the spirit, langauge and flavor of 1941.


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See what happens when you are promoted from New Writers Series to Story Editor...

Everybody expects the best from Tragic Rabbit ... a kind of given. Unfortunately, unlike Stephen King... TR does not push his wheelbarrow to the bank each Friday. At least not with earnings from AwesomeDude.

I notice that we also have a couple of other gems on our home page... David MacMillan's Flight At Peenemunde and Rick's The Castaways. Both have also gone without comment in the AwesomeDude Forums. I made the case for David -who is an accomplished author in the genere- joining AwesomeDude.com not for the quantity of readers but fo their quality and for their willingness to give helpful and constructive feedback. Same is true for Rick's neat little Robinson Crusoe saga. Rick joined up for the full benefits of the New Writers Series which means his own story thread and all the comments he could endure...

Now that we're mentioning it... Sequoyah has just wrapped up his second major novel, Mountain Magic and I know he has hundreds of readers but still no comment.

Weird... I know that we had 12,961 UNIQUE visitors in April with 641,548 total hits. I know also that only a fraction of those visitors actually bother to register and even fewer to post.

Go figure...

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I believe I have sighted this elusive story upon the distant horizon, where wine-dark seas meet midnight blue skies.

I promise I'll read it and comment, and I'll comment on some others too. While I've had a hint about it, I haven't yet read it because, before it was posted:

* I was fighting the Nazi menace alongside a veddy Englishman who is, I say, quite the repressed and confused chap. (That, from me, is a telling statement, eh lads?)

* I discovered these shipwrecked English sailor lads, but noticed I'd read the story before. ('Twas good, though somewhat randy in places.)

* I've been reading about a couple of teens, one of whom is always making plans. You know, Plan A, Plan B....

* I was busy editing work for three authors. All hope I'll get done soon. (I finished one and am working on the others.)

* I am writing something too. It's in its second from-scratch outline and draft.

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My pc and Tim's laptop are both down right now. The stories I'm working on now are locked in them so I guess I'll go looking for TR's missing story...I'm sure I'll find it somewhere around here. :D


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I guess I am responsible for few people noticing the story as I put it in the TOP CENTER of the AwesomeDude home page.   :p

The kiss of death, it seems. But I'm glad you liked it.



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That sums it up in a few words, Codey... but true. I happen to know that this story isn't just plucked out of thin air... or water.

Look up some of the background on the Coast Guard cutter, USCGC Walnut... Pearl Harbor and some of the reputed denizens of that place and you'll find there is a lot more to this story than you might think. It is a real gem.

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Not only is it an awesome story, but I am stunned at the sheer versatility of TR -- Some Enchanted Evening, Something About Tom, Drama Club, and this story -- so many different storys in so many different styles, and all executed brilliantly!

Congratulations, TR!

(a very humble) Graeme

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