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Guest Dabeagle

With Mike's permission:

As all three of you dedicated readers are aware, Breaking Masks is due to be published next year. Josh and I have settled on a design for the front of the book which will consist of the two principle characters with their faces merging into one in the center. Josh has found his 'Jake' and now I have to find 'Kody'.

This is where everyone else comes in. 'Kody' is the boy next door, college freshman. I'm looking for face shots (please, nothing other than a face shot) for people that would like to be considered for the book cover. All photos can be sent to dabeagle@hotmail.com with the subject line 'Kody'. Since I expect my mother and one other person that promised to buy the book to actually do so, I am looking for someone who would like to be credited but not financially compensated.

Please feel free to repost this request to persons who may have interest or to boards where this may be appropriate (please seek the board owner/moderator's approval in each case).

This book IS under contract and will be published. The images provided may not be the image used (for instance if someone sends in a picture from their iPhone a higher res shot would be needed for the cover).

Any questions may also be directed to me.

Thank you for your help!


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There should be a description in the story. :razz:

I'm in for one once it's printed. :razz:

Yeah, but that's why I prefaced my remarks as I did. It's been a long time since I read it. I did read it, and enjoyed it, but don't really rememer the description of the lad at all. And since I'm trying to beat you, Lug, to the deadline, I thought it would be easier just to ask.



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Guest Dabeagle

Attached is my original image for him, never used. It still can't be, licensing and all that, but it gives you the idea. His hair is never really specified, although brown/chestnut is the idea. Eyes were never specified. Also it is worth noting that this story will be all new, pretty much. A substantial departure from the original.


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Guest Dabeagle

I would just like to note that there have been a grand total of NO responses. If anyone is on the fence, remember 'He who hesitates is lost'. There are currently three under consideration and please, keep in mind, I'm going for a look not how OMG hot someone is. I mean, I'll certainly take those OMG pictures, but...for the matter at hand...so to speak... Also please note that the three under consideration come from my co-authors Facebook friends list. For the sake of my fragile ego, I need to find someone through my own means. He can't know ALL the boy next door types, now can he?

Boy next door, headshot only. If you have to lie to these nice fellows and tell them what a nice upstanding guy I am and what a feather in their cap it will be to have their picture on a book cover, do so. Just don't use the expression 'feather in their cap' or they'll not know what you mean.

Also, in case this brings a flood of gents who were on the cusp of sending their pictures and needed that extra push...I'm going for a look. Not using your picture isn't a rejection and should never be construed as such. Am I worrying to much about this? No! I worry just the right amount.

I need YOU!

Reply to dabeagle@hotmail.com Subject Kody.

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Hey, Beagle, you can choose from millions of royalty-free pictures on Shutterstock:


I went ahead and paid the $20 fee (or whatever it was) just because I happened to find a kid that I felt looked very close to what I imagined for one of the teenagers in my story Cerulean Blue. It was too perfect not to use, so I figured, "eh, twenty bucks, not the end of the world."

At least this way, you know it's cleared 100%, it's completely legal, and you have the right to use it in printed matter, on the web, in advertisements, in eBooks, the works. The search engine is pretty good and will let you narrow the results down effectively, but you need to spend at least an hour or two to go through what they have there.

If you get a picture from a random stranger on the web, you're never going to know for certain if the model was cleared and the photographer was paid.

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Dave it's fantastic news that your book is heading for publication. Congratulations to you and Josh.

Regarding the cover pic, if I could help I would, believe me. But it's all a big minefield regarding copyright and model release and stuff.

I know of a really good professional photographer who specialises in book jackets and other media promotional material. He's done a lot for the BBC, Doctor Who, Merlin and other stuff. In your situation I might be tempted just to go to him and let him do the whole thing to my specification. He'll charge real money, of course ($400, I'm guessing) but that's the only way I would know of, of getting what I want, to a professional standard.

Let me know if you want his contact details. He's very good; I'm attending an LGBT writers' conference here in the UK later this month, and I'm taking some samples of his work to display.

Oh, and I'm putting my name down for a copy of the book asap (as soon as published)!


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