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Adios Little Lady

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I feel your loss also. All our wonderful furry companions have gone now, but we remember how much joy they brought us with their antics and unconditional affection.


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Aw... cute cat. My partner and I have had five cats over the last 30 years, two we inherited, three we adopted. Each of them had strong, very different personalities. Three of those were Psychotic Psiameses -- those are the craziest.

We have a mutt cat at the moment, but she's very beautiful (and feisty). We got her from a shelter about three weeks after the oldest one passed away last year at the age of 19 (very old for cats). Here's a pic:


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No cat is a mutt. Just ask them: they are all royalty. You know- kinda like the Saudis.

It's tough to lose them when they've been with you that long.

They get wise in their age. :blush:

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Thanks y'all. This wasn't a sudden thing. she was sick for the last couple weeks slowly going downhill. She was sick last year almost to this extreme but bounced back. It wasn't a surprise when this finally happened. We talked a bit the night before, quiet mews from her.

I'm not currently looking for any kind of replacement.

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