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A Certain Crime...

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Infuriated is hardly a strong enough word to describe my feelings after viewing this. Where the F was the teacher? This is not just an incidence of bullying, this is premeditated assault...and all they did was suspend the assailant for three days. Good going, Ohio. Now get off your ass and do something...the ACLU is waiting to speak with you.

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Why, oh why, is it necessary to pursue followup always after the fact? Why isn't someone preventing these things from happening? Why isn't there automatic prosecution when they do happen? Why must this kid suffer a concussion and bear the memory of this happpening to him in a classroom?

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What's will it take to finally get schools to stop this kind of behavior? This wasn't just an attack, it was a hate crime and should be prosecuted as such!

Apparently Pearl, MS and Columbine, CO and all the rest of dead and maimed kids weren't enough

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If this had been done at my high school the school administration would have done two things. First, the perp would have been brought into the office and told he was expelled. Second, they would have arranged to have the police there to arrest him for assault. Maybe this kind of unprovoked attack on another student is a 3-day suspension offense in Ohio, but not where I'm from. This is sickening.

Colin :icon_geek:

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Apparently Pearl, MS and Columbine, CO and all the rest of dead and maimed kids weren't enough

And this is what disturbs me, James understands...when will we see the backlash? I suppose it is fair to say that LGBT kids are probably the least violent bunch in most schools and the thought of an armed response by anyone in that group seems farfetched. But if this was your kid, if this was your son that had been ambushed and beaten, would you not entertain some time alone with this bully and a baseball bat?

In all the articles we see about such hate crimes the school administration seems to soft peddle the punishment. Colin is right, expulsion and arrest is the only answer to make an example of the bully. We all know the hate comes from the home, the parents and even the church these bullies attend, if they do. Homosexuality has been demonized for decades and this is the result.

I await further information on this crime: Where was the teacher? Does the school allow a classroom full of students to gather without supervision. This bully had lots of time to stand and wait for his victim. And the person behind the camera, they knew what was coming, are they complicit?

This Ohio school district has shamed itself and the images have been distributed worldwide. Perhaps there is one judge out there who has seen enough to put the school on notice. I expect the ACLU will be contacting that principal shortly, someone needs to.

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We should be careful calling for an expulsion immediately or as a blanket solution.

(Granted this case looks extreme enough that an expulsion may be warranted, but I'm taking a more general, future-looking view)

The problem is that expulsions and suspensions often end up being badges of honor for the perpetrators and zero-tolerance policies for violence often fail for not addressing the root cause of violence. I keep thinking to a story I read here at Awesomedude just the other day: where one kid got beat up by his best friend after the kid revealed he was gay, but the violence came from a place of frustration and pressure that the attacker was not able to funnel, but once he could, ultimately the two boys were able to reconcile. (Can't remember the name of that story! Someone please help me.) Violence is not always based in malice or other clear cut sources, so the solution cannot be clear cut.

Sadly, a lasting solution would require a deep commitment on the part of the school to educating students about differences and the limits of a free society (i.e. It's OK not to accept homosexuality as moral, but you can't use harrassment/intimidation/violence to make your point.) Most schools take one of the two inexpensive, politically expedient options: either do nothing/little as in this case, or zero-tolerance expulsions/suspensions.

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Curiously, while looking at related videos at youtube, I found out that this same school district was highlighted for positive action during the GLSEN awards of 2010. Mostly it was the doing of the students and they met significant opposition from fellow students, but the district administration seemed to have welcomed them:

Not sure what to make of that in relation to the bullying incident, but I shows that nothing changes overnight, though it does change.

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Some more information on this story:

The Sherriff's department and the local police department have received literally thousands of complaints from every corner of the world. Email, phone calls, and letters. They are investigating. The school and the school district themselves have also received thousands upon thousands of complaints.

This won't go quietly into the night.

The mom is indeed pursuing charges. I'd agree that suing the school, the school district, and specifically the teacher in charge of supervision, the principal and the Asst. principal personally should be included in the suit. Money is all these people seem to understand, so that's often the best place to focus the battle.

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