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Habit Forming

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It was getting late and the cab driver picked up his last fare for the evening, a nun in full black regalia.

The cabbie glanced repeatedly in his rear view mirror and finally spoke. “Do you mind if I ask you something rather personal, Sister?”

“No, ask me anything, young man.”

“I’ve always wanted to kiss a nun. Is that a sin?”

The nun looked up and studied his eyes in the rear view mirror. “Are you a good Catholic? Are you married?”

“I’m Catholic, Sister, and I’m still single.”

The nun carefully considered his answer, then said, “Pull into the next alley and come into the back seat.”

The cabbie swerved into a dark opening in the middle of the next block. His hands were moist and he swallowed nervously as he climbed into the back seat of the cab. The nun embraced him tightly and gave him the most passionate kiss he had ever experienced, tongue and all.

Flustered and breathing hard, the cabbie returned to the driver’s seat and backed the cab out onto Fifth Avenue and continued driving.

After a lengthy silence he said. “I feel awful, Sister. I lied to you. I’m married and I’m Jewish.”

The nun smiled. “I’ve deceived you, too. My name is Kevin and I’m going to a Halloween party.”

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Guest Dabeagle

Aside from the image of them as stern disciplinarians...or maybe that's it in general from so many parochial schools...Although my knuckles were never rapped with a ruler by a nun, the principal of one of my grammar schools was a nun. I can recall for a halloween bazaar one time they had a junk car for us to pay to take swings at and they had written on it that 'This car has been driven by Sister Eileen Enright'. Oh, I took my shots on that vehicle...

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