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The illustrious Dude has done me the kindness of flagging my story Xenophobia on the AD homepage.

I'm just doing a little self-publicity here, hoping to draw your attention, dear reader, to other changes I have also made to my pages. My story for the Coming Out collection, What a Family Is, is now on my index page, as is my story in the Midnight Dude anthology, A Flower in France.

In addition, my first (paper) published story, Work Experience, which was first published in the anthology I Do Two, is now online here, for the first time on the internet.

I've added two stories to my Flash Stories index, Hoar Cottage and The Man on the Bus. I believe these have previously been posted in the Flash forum.

My collection of Limericks has been augmented with my latest additions, too.

If any of the above are new to you, and you would kindly take the time to give them a look, I'd love to hear from you what you think! (Feedback whore/junkie, that's me!) :smile:

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Bruin, Xenophobia is a delightful slice of life, and contains an abundance of truth which makes it so appealing.

I wouldn't know about the racial/social differences in the UK, but they can't be too different than what we have here. It is not too unusual around here to encounter people in the market speaking Polish, Russian or any of the Middle Eastern languages. The people from other countries should not be ignored since they can share a great wealth of cultural difference.

It would seem the point in the story is that we should all embrace the differences. Two people should be able to share a common humanity and overcome the ignorance of prejudice. Thoughts like that always lead me back to the sage advice of one of our greatest human minds, Carl Sagan. His lecture about our Pale Blue Dot speaks to the needs of mankind here on Earth and assumes we are all alone in the universe. Unless we learn to get along with one another there will be no second chance.

A serious story, Bruin. One that deserves a little flag waving to gain attention. :applause[1]:

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Glad to see you're doing a little tidying up, Bruin. That den must get pretty stuffy over the winter months. I'm always happy to be reminded to go and peruse your list; I've never read a story of yours I didn't like, and I admire the way you deal with tough subjects by telling a tale that goes down so smoothly that the taste of the medicine is hidden by the honey. But bears are famous for their skills with honey; I appreciate that you're willing to share.


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I read it the day it Mike posted it, Bruin. Then I saw when you'd written it, realized it wasn't really new, and wondered if I should comment on it. It occurred to me that perhaps I should have read it before.

But that's all blather. The story itself was wonderful, as your writing all is. Very enjoyable, touching sentiments, and a view of life most people don't have. I thoroughly enjoyed it.


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All right, Bruin...I liked Work Experience, perhaps not as much as Xenophobia which had a broader reach.

I know it was important to set the stage of a relationship between father and son prior to the big revelation, but the boy's mother seems to have become a far more important character there at the end.

I did like the way you introduced the gay couple to the story, and their purpose became apparent very quickly.

I've installed a few kitchens in my time, built a few houses as well, so I was not afraid to tackle that part of the story. I would have liked to see a little more of the forestory on the boy's life as he began to discover his feelings, but then that would have made the story longer.

Okay, you get a gold star for this one. Not quite as shiny as the one you deserve for Xenophobia, but just as pretty.

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I likr Work Experience noting that it was written for a more general audience.. folks who should read more stories like this and was not a gay website targeted story.

That's why I linked it from the AD Homepage. Thanks Bruin!


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