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Des' clever relatives

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Okaaay...So I went to the link that Chris provided and I thought to myself that I wasn't at all surprised that Orang-utans make their own mattresses. I made my own bed and I lay in it all the time. I made sure that it was big enough for orgies, and it has recessed legs to stop the rats and reptiles from climbing into bed with me.

Of course I don't discourage massive invasion of cute gorilla dudes into my bedroom. :w00t:

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When I read this thread's title Des' Clever Relatives... I was reminded when he introduced several of them to us on the Christmas 2009 edition of the AwesomeDude Radio Weekend Show. Although he calls them 'alter egos' I'm told that's just an Aussie term for 'relatives.' Meet the Dow-Nunders!


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Dizzy still owes me a date!

I was checking the U of Tubes tonight and ran across this random comment:

I want a robotic orangutan that gives hugs. That would be so tight!

Robotic? Robotic! Well, OK, if you insist. But really, as long as the orangutan is giving hugs, he's cool with me. I'm cool with him. Something like that.

No, I have no idea what the comment had to do with anything. (OK, it was commenting on a weird little USB robotic rabbit called Karotz, so I guess the orangutan is just a hop and a swing away.)

But does this mean there's a Mecha-DownUnder, sorta like Mecha-Godzilla, the giant robot Godzilla?

I'd offer him a can of oil, but I'm not sure what would happen....

There was that bananas flambé incident, after all. Just sayin'.

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