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The Policeman's Birthday Cake

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Well, the Orangutan is back! Following his explosive foray into world of haute cuisine, Des DownUnder has come up with a new short story guaranteed to make you laugh... or at least grin!

Check out The Policeman's Birthday Cake, which is jointly posted at the AwesomeDude and Codey's World sites.

Nice to see you at the keyboard again, Des!

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Thanks Dude, it's just a short story to get my feet wet, so to speak, and hopefully get to finish a couple of longer ones I have been working on.

I must take the opportunity to thank Trab for his editing. I didn't think that editing could be so much fun. We edit together, on Skype or Google Docs, and the instantaneous feedback really works well when I to need to explain what I intended. Trab then punches and twists my words until they submit to being readable English.

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Delightful, Des...and I don't mean the cake. There have been times when I wished for some frosting like that to speed things along. Glad to see you posting even a short story and look forward to whatever else you have working. Now if you don't mind...may I have the name of that apothecary? :sneaky:

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Cole, Trab says " Hi." He is busy working in his garden.

As for the chocolate cake, it is hidden in my sneakily rolling introduction of the first paragraph. I had to look it up myself as I had forgotten what flavour it was.

I did have an idea to go dark with the story, but suddenly I couldn't resist the irony of the policeman not quite knowing what to do with a cell in his very own dungeon.

I'm glad the story delighted you.

Thank you.

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