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Equinox looking for composer


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Hi Folks,

Star Trek: Equinox, a fan audio drama at HiddenFrontier.com due this summer, is looking for a composer for original music for the show. The composer they had lined up had to bow out due to a paying gig, regrettably for both.

If you have experience doing original music, or want to try, why not open hailing frequencies or give them a Wave or comm-link?

The folks to contact would be:

Rob Caves, Exec. Producer, Hidden Frontier Productions

Camren T. Burton, Writer, Co-Exec. Producer, Star Trek: Equinox



Note: I'm putting the word out, but I'm not staff. I've done voice work for upcoming Equinox and other audio dramas at HF and elsewhere.

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Somewhere I read Blue could speak French... I was just saying that I loved Equinox and I would like to play for the series, but knew I was not good enough. Besides, they need a composer... a professional.

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I should know that slang term, but I'll need to look it up. Um, would you believe I have a small dictionary of, ah, less than polite French? ;) -- I have the feeling I get the idea, even without the translation. (Although the journey from "moo" to there might be...agriculturally unlikely? ;D

Salut, Paul. Essaies-toi, si tu veux et si tu jouerais, ou si tu essaierais en voix qq rôle.

My French is reasonably fluent, but rustly without much practice lately.

Since a few ppl around here do play or write music, and since HF is friendly to LGBT and straight folks, I thought it might be worth a shot to mention it.

...Well, that translation for "vache" varies, but yeah, I got the idea...

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Ah, la vache!

It literally translates to Oh, The Cow! It is used to express wonder and disbelief... sort of like an universal OH MY GOD!!! Without the girlish gushing inflection.

Hi to you, too. I will leave the voices to Paco, his dropped. So... voice is out, as well. I really was just wishing. Thanks though.

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