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The Droplet


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The Droplet

By Trab

As I watched, fascinated, a small drop of water, sweat, formed on his forehead. We were both sitting in the sauna, and whilst I pretended to be interested in anything and everything but him, I couldn’t help but admit to myself that this wonderfully lithe athletic hunk of manhood was severely turning me on. Not to the extent of actually embarrassing myself in public, but enough to question my belief that I was asexual.

The droplet slowly moved down his forehead, right between his lustrous eyebrows, and tickled him ever so slightly as it inched down his perfectly formed and slightly twitching nose. As it hung there, delicately balanced and growing microscopically ever so slowly, like a stalactite forming in a pristine cave, I stared into his eyes oh so black, looking deep into his smoldering internal energy.

Suddenly, with a slow-motion stretching, the drop departed, falling quickly to his chest, where, combining with other droplets, it formed a small rivulet, one that meandered over the lustrous sheen of his upper chest, past a perfectly formed nipple that in no way resembled a female one, and on down to his abdominal expanse.

Now I’m not averse to a bit of body fat; I’d better not be considering my own looks and condition, but his taut skin, over muscles rippling just below the surface, was awesome to behold. The little stream was now cascading rapidly, joining with many other trickles of sweat. They finally stopped, well below his belly button, upon touching his deep red bathing trunks. I couldn’t help but envy them all, as their journey would continue away from my eager eyes, if not my eager thoughts.

Looking up again, I was bathed in a radiant smile, shining white teeth between very delicate lips, dimpled cheeks, and all topped by warm eyes of welcome and interest. I could feel my pulse quicken significantly more than justified by the sauna temperature, and I smiled in return. He leaned forward to speak to me, and I was full of anticipation, ready for anything with this man, but little did I expect, “Is Jesus your Saviour?”

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I don't know how the local publicly funded pools operate in your vicinity, Cole, but here, except for the change rooms, they have an anti-nudity coed.

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And here I was about to ask about coed saunas. I know Canada is progressive, but I didn't think it was that progressive.

It was a great story. I just realized, when I said it was a downer, I didn't mean the story; I meant the man's comment. That was unfortunate and screwed up a great fantasy for weeks to come.


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There was a sauna in the local gym here. The gym was for athletes, body-builders and football players etc. Some years ago during the height of the politically correct anti-discrimination era, a woman challenged the owner of the gym for his 'Male Only' sign. He told the woman that she was more than welcome to enter the premises provided she adhered to the gym rules of being naked at all times. She declined his kind offer. The gym owner sighed with relief as he had been bluffing.

Trab's story is a great tease, and made me shudder as I have actually encountered religious gay people who wait until just the wrong moment to ask, "Do you think the Lord Jesus objects to what we are doing?"

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Des, you need one of those "Check your God at the door" signs. My idea of good sex is not to have a threesome with Jesus in the middle.

Trab did a fine job of descriptive writing in following the course of that drop of water. The ending was a nice surprise even though I bet most readers wish it had ended another way. Hand the man a towel and exit the sauna.

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Trab, that little flash fiction is absolutely freakin' WONDERFUL! I didn't expect the ending, and I laughed out loud loudly, startling Doug who was reading an organic chemistry textbook. Then he read it and laughed out loud. I would like to think that the protagonist (Trab) would have had the same reaction to the guy's question.

Colin :icon_geek:

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Wow. After reading all those glowing comments, I just HAD to reread my story again, and I can't help but admire how well I wrote it. :spank:

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That ironic twist at the end reminds me of O. Henry! How wonderful! Excellent job.

Actually, something very similar to that happened to me when I was 24, sometime back in the antediluvian eighties. I was riding my bike along the Riverside trail here and stopped for water when I noticed the cutest college boy on his own bike, shirtless and glistening with the sweat of an Oklahoma summer, perfect lips, beautiful arms, the most enticing blue eyes. He smiled at me, I smiled at him... and he asked me if he could share something with me. I eagerly replied in the affirmative and had to spend the next ten minutes politely nodding my head as I let what he was saying go in one ear and the other while I fantasized about the many ways in which I wanted him to "save" me. :icon_twisted:

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