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Being the flaming narcissist that I am, I Binged my screen name to see what would happen, hoping that with the way I capitalize the "T" in the middle, it might filter out the other "freethinker" stuff. It did and I found that some of my stories had been reviewed on a site called "queerschool.com," a blog that reviews stories on various sites about gay teens. The proprietor does a great job of filtering through the stuff on Nifty and finding good stories and I am impressed with his reviews. I think that if you would like some recommendations of things to read and don't want to wade through everything on Nifty or other sites, you might also check out the reviews on QueerSchool. The stories he chooses are only about gay teens.

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I've read this off and on for a while, and find the reviewer's comments generally fair and evenhanded. As the name implies, he reviews stories about gay boys with some tie to a school situation. Among other titles his current posting reviews Cover and Book by Bi Janus here at AD. He appears to spend a lot of time digging up photos of lovely (though young) boys.


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Several of us here have had our stories reviewed on the Queerschool site. The brief synopsis is usually fairly accurate and the only thing this school doesn't do is give each author a letter grade. The site does offer comments about the story and some of them are encouraging.

I also have some issues with the photos of adolescent and pre-pubescent boys, although none are related to the posting about my stories. Some of those images are lifted from old nudist magazines and at least they might be legal, but just barely.

As I had a character say in one of my stories: Once you are posted online you are out there...forever. If you Google the site and look at the offering there is a link to Age 12, clicking on that takes you right to one of my story reviews. Not exactly comforting I'm afraid. I wish they had asked.

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Sorry. The pages I originally visited didn't have anything questionable, but I just went back and there are nudes, though they don't show anything which I think might be illegal. But, I suppose it is probably something to be avoided. Sorry.

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Don't be sorry! This is a fine example of what happens to our work after it gets posted. If you will notice, Nifty has now made it easier to copy and lift an entire story, or link it somewhere else...I did not appreciate that.

But once it goes public anyone can use the stories for their own purposes. At least Queerschool is not obnoxious, unlike that European site (Ukranian I believe) that lifted some of my Nifty work and was selling porn on the same site along with sex toys. Bastards, nothing to be done about it, but I am not alone with this dilemma.

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Just googled EleCivil +Queerschool to check. Yep, both Leaves and Lunatics and Laika are reviewed there. Must say I'm flattered.

Interesting note: their review of L&L links to AwesomeDude, while their review of Laika links to Codey's World, so their reviewer is aware of both sites in our "family," and is not just skimming Nifty.

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Guest Dabeagle

The site owner does get around, for sure. And FT please, don't apologize, like Chris said once we post things can go anywhere. The guy may post a few things that might make me, personally, uncomfortable but as noted - he doesn't seem to be obnoxious about it, in fact he's just doing site reviews.

And hey, you know, kids can be cute - they use them in movies and advertisements all the time - it doesn't equate with something nasty; simply in the context of the site I guess it makes me a little uncomfortable. That's not anyone's fault, not here.

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Hey, he got a couple of mine reviewed on the site as well, so I guess I'm in good company. I think he missed the point of Jagged Angel, but it generally never pays to argue with critics.

I think some of the pictures on the site start straying into Sandusky-territory for me. But each to his own.

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I just checked the site, the last entry being Josh Evolving by Cole Parker. I have to admit, I have used this Blog quite often for stories to read. It is someone's personal blog, and I am pretty sure he would remove a photo from your story if you did not agree with its content. However, I found not one distasteful photo on the entire site, except maybe the boy and girl and horse one towards the beginning... why have a boy and girl on a gay site? NOW, who is being picky?

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