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The Terrible Crossover Fanfiction Idea Generator

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This site gives you a randomly generated terrible idea for fanfiction. Anyone up for the challenge?

I got...

Your challenge is to write crossover fanfiction combining Chronicles of Narnia and Law & Order. The story should use some sort of meta-commentary about how terrible this idea is as a plot device!

I'm going to have to do this.

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I think I can sum up that first one with just one scene. Let's try:



Law and Order/Narnia, with Meta-Commentary as a Plot Device

(Open on alley in New York City. Two a.m. Two drunken REVELERS stumble into alley, bickering.)

REVELER 1: "I'm tellin' ya, ya ain't never BEEN with a women until ya been with a Turk. PURE dee-light!"

REVELER 2: "Aw, you're full a- hey. Hey hey hey. Wait a minute."

REVELER 1: "What? What?"

REVELER 2: "There's somethin' back here. It...oh, god."

REVELER 1: "What is it?"

REVELER 2: (Turning to look at REVELER 1) Call the cops.

Cut to black. <SFX: CLANG CLANG>

(Same alley, later that morning. The sun is up. Several CSIs and BEAT COPS mill about, collecting evidence and securing the area. Detectives LOGAN and BRISCOE enter.)

LOGAN: "What do we got?"

CSI: "Multiple stab wounds around the face and groin. Homicide. I think."

BRISCOE: "You think? What, did the guy trip with his pocketknife open? Over and over again?"

CSI: "No, not that. He was definitely murdered. The '-cide' part is obvious. It's the 'homo'..."

LOGAN: "Let's not get personal, now."

CSI: "The victim wasn't human. He seems to be half human, half goat. Driver's license says his name was Mr. Tumnus. A faun."

BEAT COP: "The correct term is 'Capricorn-American.'"

LOGAN: "Half human, half goat? God, some of the sick things you see."

BRISCOE: "Didn't take you for a bigot, Logan."

LOGAN: "Just because two things CAN be crossed together doesn't mean they SHOULD. Things have their own natural habitats. Their own...realms. I'm not saying Tumnus deserved this, but there was a time when things like this stayed in the closet, you know?"

BRISCOE: "Wardrobe, actually."

LOGAN: "What?"

BRISCOE points, indicating the suit TUMNUS is wearing.

BRISCOE: "Our Capricorn-American friend had a fine taste in clothing. Let's find out what wardrobe he crawled out of."

Cut to black. <SFX: CLANG CLANG>

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Scene 2

Intrerview Room 7

Manhattan Precinct

Authorities present: Det. Logan, Asst. DA McCoy

For the witness: Public Defender Jerry Snider

Witness interviewed: Johnny Boson

McCoy: “You were in the alley last night?”

Boson: (Looks at Snider, gets a nod) "I didn’t do nothin! Why you drag me in here? I get fired, I’m suin’ you guys! You hear me? Not good for cops be comin’ ’round the warehouse, pulling me in like this. Got rights, you know?”

Logan: “Just answer the question, Boson. Don’t want to be here all day.”

McCoy: “You were in the alley last night?”

Boson: “Yeah yeah yeah, I was as there. Christ almighty! So the fuck what?”

Logan, rising from his chair: “Boson!”

McCoy: “When, midnight?”

Boson: “Later. The bar just closed, and they call last round at 1:45. Just after that.”

McCoy: “And why the alley? What were you doing there?”

Boson, after looking at Snider, “Hey, between consenting adults is legal, no money passin’ and all. So what?”

McCoy, looking disgusted: “We don’t care about that. Just finding out why you were there. OK, that’s covered. Now; what happened?”

Boson: “This thing is what happened. My God! I don’t know what it was. I wasn’t that drunk. I mean, I’d had it up and all and that doesn't always happen these days, so I couldn’t have been soused. And this thing, like a giant eagle, it comes gliding in, and the guy I was with who’d told me he knew tricks that would get a ten-day-old corpse hard, I don’t even remember his name, didn’t know him at all, he sees this thing and stars jabbering in some language I’ve never heard, sounded more like barnyard animals bleating, to tell God’s own truth, and this think picks him up, shakes him some, just hovering above us, then practically bites his face off, flies him up to the top of the building, and drops him. Almost hit me! Man, did he make a splat.”

McCoy: “So why did you run? Why not call the cops and wait for them?”

Boson: “You for real? Who’d believe a story like that? Besides, maybe that thing’d come back for me?”

Logan: “He’s right, Jack. No one would believe that. Me included. I think that Tumnis dude wouldn’t put out when the time came, and Johnny here got pissed. He was already pissed drunk but then got mad pissed and Tumnis found out what happens in NYC when you promise something to one of these perverts and don’t deliver.”

Boson: “Hey, I didn’t do nothin’. And if you pick up those kids, they’ll tell you. They saw it all.”

McCoy: “What kids?”

Boson: “The ones wearing the funny clothes.”

Logan: “Oh yeah. Sure. You’re making it up. A bunch of kids. Sure. At two in the morning. Any description? Or just kids that we’ll never find?”

Boson, looking smug: “Oh, you might find these. One of them was riding on a lion.”

Cut to black.

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Your challenge is to write crossover fanfiction combining Spongebob Squarepants and Atlas Shrugged. The story should use bondage as a plot device!

Seriously?!?!?! This is, even by MY standards, way beyond twisted! Sandy Cheeks is wearing skin tight leather while spongebob is on his hands and knees wearing a dog collar and leash. I'm gonna have nightmares for weeks! :shock:

I had to use wikipedia to get some references for this little horror story. :sick:

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