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The Bryce stories by Pertinax Carrus

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What is a love story, a coming-of-age novel, a tutorial on the development of western thought, a treatise on modern Christianity, and a detailed examination of how the Catholic church might accommodate to homosexuality? Bryce, together with Bryce: the Second Semester is that work, a complex, thoughtful, and erudite tour de force.

Pertinax Carrus marshalls his formidable storytelling skills to offer readers no less that a rationale for religious commitment. Regardless of our willingness to open our minds and hearts to his passionate presentation, and whether we agree or disagree with his argument, we must at least agree that this writer's motivation stems from love and commitment, and his work deserves our sincere respect and careful consideration. We owe it nothing less than that.


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Hey, just a reminder to those wo like to wait until a story (especially a long one) is completed before diving in for a read, now that Bryce: The Second Semester is completed, this would be a good time to dive into this sequel to Pertinax Carrus' Bryce.

Those who have stuck with this well written story from the very beginning will attest that this is a story with appeal on several levels... I have learned so much about history, literature, love, compassion and -yes- romance from the two Bryce novels. And to any gay person who is Catholic or any other kind of Christian, it should be required reading. It has been a great read for me... taking me back to college campus life and routine and even fraternity life... on which I was always only on the periphery. I never had time for the Greek societies ... living off campus and working full or part time to pay my college expenses, but the Bryce stories gave me a good feeling for it. And for those - like me - who were still closeted in college, it is a chance to vicariously live an 'out' existance on campus. Yep, there is a heavy emphasis on Roman Catholicism here but it is done in a very interesting and instructive way that leaves you smiling, not frowning. If you haven't taken the 'serial plunge' into the Bryce stories, now is a good time as they are finally complete. :icon_thumright:


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Now that we have Pertinax's attention... I am certainly hoping to catch up with Bryce and Damon in the near future.

This 'dynamic duo' is one of my favorites and sets a good example for Christian youth seeking their way through the complications of being both religious and gay. The fact that they are an inter-racial couple adds depth.

The forays into interpretation of history are often enlightening and the occasional highlights of horse shows and riding are fun for this 'ancient rider.;

So I am saying it's time for Pertinax Carrus to get back on his writing horse and ride out into the lights again.


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