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Christian Puppeteer & Canibal arrested


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This is almost too squicky and unbelievable to be true ... almost.

Christian cannibal: Puppeteer arrested with kiddie porn; planned to abduct and eat child

This is one of those stories that just makes your blood run cold: Ronald William Brown of Largo, Florida, the 57-year-old proprietor of “Puppets Plus,” has been charged with the possession of child pornography and of conspiring with another man to kidnap and then eat a child.

The Christian Television Network kids program Joy Junction regularly featured Brown and his ventriloquist dummy “Marty,” who would warn about things like… pornography.

Brown, an active member of the Gulf Coast Church in Largo, and an accomplice, Michael Arnett, were planning to abduct a specific child who was a member of the church and who took part in Brown’s “Puppet Ministry Kidz Zone” youth ministry program.

Homeland Security agents who searched Brown’s home and tool shed yesterday discovered images of bound and gagged kids, photographs of dead children and a flier for a missing child.

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I always dislike it when they arrest someone for what they think they're going to do.


Quoting George Carlin, again, "Just like the Catholic Church..." "seven sins for one." I believe they were...

1. Think about doing it.

2. Think of a plan to do it.

3. Plan to do it.

4. Talk about the plan.

5. Carry out the plan.

6. Think about how the plan worked.

7. Boast about what you did.

The justice system seems to have its roots embedded in there somewhere.

*I got to thank my dad for giving me all those Carlin videos!

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