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I've read all his Peacher novels more than once and thoroughly recommend them. :smile:

Michael Arram is a captivating author and it's a very intriguing, well written series: especially the three 'historicals' set in the 19th century. The story arc is huge, multi-novel, and as a writer of short stories I'm in awe.

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I have read all of Michael Arram's online novels more than once, and they are an amazing accomplishment. Enormously fun to read and invested throughout with sly humor and wonderful characterizations, they were also designed almost from the start to provide a single, enormous, overarching storyline with interconnected characters and focussed around a multigenerational battle between Good and Evil. The stories reflect Arram's own abilities as a historian to develop and sustain a completely authentic historical context for this mighty saga, the threads of which he has finally drawn together in the two final titles in the series, The Regency and The Fall. The entire set can be found here: http://www.crvboy.org/stories/mikearram/index.html

James Merkin

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The entire set can be found here: http://www.crvboy.or...rram/index.html

In fact AwesomeDude could have already posted all the 'early versions' of Michael Arram's stories found elsewhere, but our arrangement with the author is that we would post the entire series only with the final 'tweaked' and polished versions.... as the author wants them.

I am sure you know that this has always been a fundamental part of the AwesomeDude relationship with it's authors... we -without question- post the most recent and final of versions of stories that the author wants. If that takes a dozen tweaks..... so be it.

Mike Arram is just completing the 'final version' of Blue Rainbow which AD will start to serialize -hopefully- this coming weekend. If you want a list of the final versions of the Peacher Series and Crown of Tassilo Series available in the 'final versions' you'll find them HERE.


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Very sorry, Mike. I wasn't trying to be disloyal. I've read so many versions off-line as one of Mike Arram's beta readers that I just assumed, without looking at them carefully, that the list over on CRVBoy was not only complete but up-to-date. Your point is well-taken, even though I've been hoist by it: the Arram stories on AD are the latest and, as far as I know now, the only final versions. Mea culpa.

James Merkin

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No need to be sorry, James... You just gave me an opening to let readers know about our policy. :sneaky: Seriously, though, a number of authors have come to us after posting at Nifty and/or other sites in order to polish their stories as many of the other sites are not inclined to go back and repost chapters. For many, their stories are their legacy. Nifty, I know, just handles such a volume of stories that it would be impossible to accommodate perfectionist authors. As an author-oriented site, AD's in a better position to accommodate them, although sometimes we get super busy as well.

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