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In Dog We Trust by Dabeagle


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Many thumbs up.

And claws - sometimes it's awkward being a bird.

'In Dog We Trust' is, like most of DaBeagle's stories, beautifully observed. He draws characters well, and picks characters that often have me laughing when they appear. Here, he does it first with an acerbic protagonist. Then, with Grace DuPree and her Pelican nesting hair, and also her curmudgeonly husband, Hank. That's not to say 'In Dog We Trust' doesn't offer more than a bit of light comedy. It does. My beef with it is threefold. First; it's a short story, second; we don't actually meet Henderson, and third; it's not set in Sanitaria Springs so the rest of us can't make merry with a wonderful cast. Still, you can't have everything.

Read it immediately.

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