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Alien Son

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The email address for submitting new stories has changed to submissions@awesomedude.org.

I'll receive any emails sent to that address, and I will arrange for the editorial team to read the story. If they see a need to, they may contact the author to discuss edits or amendments. We'll then decide whether to accept or reject the story.

If you're thinking of submitting a story, please read through the information on the Submissions page.

If you have sent in a submission in the last couple of months and not received a response, please resubmit it using the above address (which also appears on the Submissions page).

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Hi, John.  Are you interested in a story for Valentine's Day, upcoming, or is it too late for you to consider it?  I have a "refreshed" story I derived from  a longer version that appeared on AD back in 2010. This one is called "Jesse's Valentine" and runs a little over 3400 words.  If you don't have room for it I will certainly understand.  My problem is I don't see any way to attach it as a Word .doc to your new writetome.net message system.  Plus the system wouldn't send this text on to you. Please advise if there is another way to get a .doc file to you.
I stand in awe and admiration at all you have done to pull AD back from the brink and into an accessible site again.
James Merkin.

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Hi, James

I haven't done anything about Valentine's Day, but I'll be happy to post a story providing it meets the AD guidelines, and I expect that it will.

Please email it to me at submissions@awesomedude.org.

I've amended the links in my post above. They dated from before the move to the new domain, and I hadn't updated them. Sorry for the inconvenience.

~ John


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7 hours ago, Cole Parker said:

If you're writing one, James, I will, too.  Don't want you to be lonely.

You'll have to do well to match the story James submitted!

~ John

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