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English Recipe


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HOW TO MAKE ENGLISH. Take a little organic Celtic and cook slowly, adding just a pinch of Latin.

When it's off the boil, add a generous helping of old German, of the Friesland variety and cook slowly for a few centuries.

Add several handfuls of hot Scandinavian and stir well. Once this is simmering nicely, cover it all with a thick layer of course French and put the lid on. Wait for the grammar to begin to curdle.

Once this appears to have settled, skewer the mix with a sharp Caxton, which will instantly solidify the spelling. Keep well away from logic as this will ruin the flavour.

Allow it to simmer gently for a few centuries then top it with a sprinkling of Greek, and just a few odd words from random language. Allowit to cool and solidify. It travels well and makes an excellent base for Air, sea, commercial and diplomatic dishes. (Keep in a safe place, well away from American).



Found in the comments section of this YT video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fK3z5LCUu40



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