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New Site Is Operational

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The new site is substantially complete at https://www.awesomedude.org. All of the story content should be in place, barring any corruption during the upload process.  Please speak up if you find any problems.

I helped connect the initial dots to marry the .org domain registration with the new web host, but John (Alien Son) did the vast majority of the work uploading the site files.  Thank heavens he decided to do a full site backup late last year.  It sounds like he spent much of yesterday, from lunch until (late) bedtime, managing the uploads.  I thought about hiring somebody to stand nearby and mop the sweat from his brow periodically.

A couple of notes:

1.  Story pages and chapter indices will all have a broken link to the AD home page (still using the .com address) at the top and bottom until we figure out the best way to fix these hundreds and hundreds of links.  

2.  Codey's World still exists as a subdirectory on the AD server, at https://www.awesomedude.org/codeysworld.   However, the address codeysworld.com will not work.  

Like moving into a new house or apartment, we still have some electronic boxes to unpack and put away.  But we have made great progress, in an international collaboration between folks in the United States, Australia, and the UK.  Welcome to the 21st century!


P.S. -- We have removed the preexisting PayPal links for now because we cannot access those funds.  We are actively seeking a new mechanism for support of the site costs.

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Thanks, Rutabaga, for all the work you've done behind the scenes. It's a huge relief to have the site up and running again.

And thank you, Cole, for publicising the new address.

~ John

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General note on site links -- there are a lot of remnant links based on awesomedude.com in the various story pages and author index pages.  As a general rule, if you edit the link in your browser address window to say awesomedude.org where it now says awesomedude.com, the link should work.  In other words, delete the "com" and replace with "org" in the address.


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THE LATEST:  We have completed the process of changing awesomedude.com links to awesomedude.org links in the story pages.   I'm not sure what volume John worked on, but my FTP software reported about 35,000 file transfers, which works out to about 17,500 round trips.  Thankfully we have a software tool that can make alterations in large groups of files all at once.  The hardest part is making sure not to introduce new errors while correcting old ones.

Any authors reading this might want to take a moment to review your pages and make sure everything is shipshape.  If you notice anything out of whack, please let John or me know.  



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I will mention again the suggestion for AD authors to review their pages and let us know of any discrepancies there.  We have heard from some and made corrections.  

If any of you are in touch with other AD authors who may not be regular visitors to this forum, kindly let them know of the changes that are afoot and encourage them to eyeball their content at awesomedude.org.  

Thanks to all for your patience and flexibility as we carry out this mass migration of content.



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