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Back around 1979-1980, I got to help a friend of mine install a video system in Diana Ross' apartment once, when she lived in a big 10th-floor condo on Holloway Drive in West Hollywood (very close to Sunset Blvd.). I was very impressed at the time that she had two 6-line telephones in her bathroom. Great bathroom. Nice wine cellar as well.

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She had video in her wine cellar?

Wine cellar to the right of the kitchen in a weird vertical closet with a glass door. Great view from the living room, too -- you could almost see Tower Records about 2 blocks away.

Back in 1979-1980, home video systems were still new and daring, and not many people had them. It's hard to explain to anybody under 35 what it was like when you couldn't just watch anything you wanted, when you wanted it.

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I can almost see the ocean, almost see Mt. Baldy, almost see Ruby's on the Newport Beach wharf, almost see the Pantages theater near Hollywood and Vine, almost see the downtown skyscrapers that I still think the architects were crazy to build on a major fault line.

If it wasn't for the lack of a big pair of binoculars, and the unfortunate curvature of the earth, I could see into your living room, Cole. :accordion[1]:

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...almost see the downtown skyscrapers that I still think the architechs were crazy to build on a major fault line.

Hey, after the 1994 quake, the seismologists reported that there's 700 fault lines throughout Southern California, if memory serves. You can't get away from 'em.

Don't forget the big one going through Seattle and another one going through Kansas City. And then the 50-mile-wide volcano crater underneath Yellowstone National Park. This crap is all over.

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Uh, come to think of it, Mike's apartment is about 100 miles closer to you than where I am. Check out the activity there.


About the same distance if he points the binocs over the Pole, Cole. All he'd see is me watching YouTube as some red-headed Dutch boy plays with his organ! :icon6:

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