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Semen cookery & other interesting things!


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Amazon.com really is a cornucopia of everything you can possibly imagine - and even some things you can't.

Here, for instance, is a link to Natural Harvest: A collection of semen-based recipes [Paperback]. Then, for only $179.95 (you save $3.60) there's an Infant Circumcision Trainer, White. Yep, you too can bone up on your Circumcision technique: at home!

Naturally, you'll be interested in How To Eat Stinky Pussy [Paperback] (not yet available for Kindle), which you can get along with Images You Should Not Masturbate To [Paperback] for the bargain price of $23.95.

The Big Coloring Book of Vaginas [Paperback] was tempting but, thankfully, I resisted. Phew.

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I don't think we should condemn Camy's report, at least we can't say that we weren't warned.

I remember finding a story, at another archive far, far away, which fell into the trap of describing a dinner party with all the recipes for the food being served. Yep, you guessed it...semen food, and no I am not referring to a ship's' mess, although I'm sure that the crew do indeed make a mess from time to time.

Anyway the story, such as it was, told how the dinner guests had to provide, upon arrival, fresh ingredients to be mixed together and then microwaved on crackers to be served as an appetiser.

Some guests presented their host with whipped frozen sorbets to be served as desert.

It was at that point that I stopped reading as I found the literary merits of the story fell short of doing justice to the subject matter, tasteless as it was.

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I can't resist this link for Oysters au naturel Down Under

quote: "The first sensation on the tongue is salt, but as the tasty morsel glides down the throat, a myriad others follow - sweet, savory, a tinge of bitterness lightened by licorice and an aftertaste that makes you think you have just swallowed the salt sea breeze."

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