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North FL fisherman needed for editor job.

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I've set my latest story around the St John's river/ intracoastal waterway and there's some boating/fishing references. I've experienced these things, but I'm not an expert, so I'd appreciate someone with some knowledge of either fishing or North FL life to give me a read through.

I'm not looking to get every small detail right, but I'm hoping to at least avoid getting any big details wrong.

PM me if you're willing to help out.

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Also, I need regular editors for the story too.

It's 3000 words and is a coming of age story with no scifi elements.

(In fact it was started for the coming out event we had back in Feb 2012. :-D I got stuck because I didn't like the ending I was working towards and had to let it stew for a while to come up with something else.)

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I know about the West coast of Florida, but only the parts I lived in during the 1960s and 1970s. My grandfather and uncle were boat-builders, but I'm a total idiot on fishing. Hate fish, hate seafood. Love the sea. Fishing always seemed cruel to me -- cruel and messy.

St. John's River is in NE Florida, running near Jacksonville, and that's a total mystery to me. I know South Florida and I know the Gulf of Mexico like the back of my hand. On the other hand: the current story I'm writing has parts of St. Louis, Seattle, Nevada, and Washington D.C. in them in the 1860s, and I was never there! I'm just making it all up, based on historical maps (plus a lot of faking it). I find this can work if you make a lotta notes and keep consistent as to the directions of the compass and where things are in relation to the other. But in truth, there are always real-world things you can only experience first-hand.

At least now, Google can take you on virtual trips, and there's undoubtedly little documentaries and things on YouTube that would provide the necessary flavor to make it real. In the case of boat trips, I'm always aware of the smell of the sea, the brine of the water, the diesel fumes from the boat engine, the sour smell of the occasional dead sea life (or green muck), all that stuff. It's also interesting to note how different oceans look different from each other: take it from me, the Pacific has a different look and feel than the Atlantic. I think the Atlantic is bluer and the Pacific is more green/cyanish. Hell, the air in California doesn't feel like the air in Florida -- I noticed that the last time I was in Florida 8 years ago.

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I know nothing about fishing, or Florida, and Pec does, but I can do 3000 words without breaking a sweat, as long as no expertise in much of anything isn't a requirement.


Message me with your e-mail, please?

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On a shoot today, and what do they serve for lunch? Fish tacos. This is god's punishment for me despising seafood.

My partner just looked over my shoulder and said, "you're so gay, you can't even eat fish!"

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