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More Boy Scout foolishness

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They may accept gay scouts but not gay scout leaders...it won't work.

Perhaps the Christian Scouts of America, which is what they really are, is feeling brave, clean and overly reverant by this announcement. Scouting as it stands now is mostly the under 16 set who statistically have no idea if they are gay, but they might like to explore those feelings. I did when I was a scout.

But without opposing views that might be presented by gay scout leadership a boy who questions his sexuality has no place to look for answers. This will leave the field wide open for the Christian leadership to thump their Bibles and institute brainwashing on the select few who come out as gay. No checks and balances, a bad thing.

I imagine anyone reading here already knows the negative thoughts towards gay people as scouts and leaders is all hogwash, a smokescreen of hatred from the Christianists and the anti-gay idiots. Since the release of the Boy Scout records on child abuse almost all of the men involved in molesting the boys were either married or considered themselves to be straight.

Let's face it, totally gay men don't enjoy the company of young boys whining about the bugs in their tent. Most of the gay men I know who attend outdoor camping events do so to meet other men, and a lot of them run around without their clothes on. That doesn't sound like a scouting type of event. But as gay men adopt kids I am sure there are those fathers who would like to go camping with their sons as a bonding experience. Boy Scouts used to provide that opportunity.

So let's be cautious about any "acceptance" of gay scouts. Boys who have same sex attractions don't have gay written across their foreheads, unless perhaps that is part of the new plan. The Scouts should place their focus on vetting the leaders to prevent abuse. Boys should have sex with boys, the men need to stay out of it.

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I agree entirely, Chris. And think of the motivation of a capable and ambitious gay scout. Why pursue the ultimate rank of Eagle Scout only to have to quit on your eighteenth birthday and not be able go on -as many senior scouts do- to become leaders. And who is going to advocate for those gay scouts with no gay leadership to cry foul when the gay kids are descriminated against.

No it won't work unless 'scouting is for all.'

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Hey, it's a start. Gay scouts this year... maybe eventually scout leaders next. I don't have a problem with revolutions happening a little bit at a time. No question, the pressure is being pressed on them quite a bit.

One thing I do think is sad is that the rule only kicks in on January 1, 2014! Why not just say, "this rule applies NOW"?

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The thing is, I'll bet there have been 100, maybe 1,000, boy scouts molested by straight leaders for every one that's been by a gay one. This organization still doesn't get it, still thinks gay men are pedofiles. My thinking is boys, gay and straight, would be safer with gay leaders than straight ones, if you want to use statistics as the base of your assumptions.


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