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Darkness fell, the sun had set,

When suddenly a panic hit.

A paper due early next day,

A paper worth three-fourths a grade.

Ten pages on Dyslexia.

APA formatted? Yeah.

Bolting up to grab my shoes,

I cursed the course instructor, whose

Syllabus was quite unclear:

The dates were from another year.

?Twas two a.m., I still had time

Drove quickly to the five-and-dime

To buy some liquid inspiration

Of the caffeine-filled persuasion

But cruelest world, oh fate assured,

Just a buck, this kid is poor.

Then her voice, like angel?s choir

Graced my ears and soothed my ire

?We sell Red Bulls on the cheap

To those who show college ID.?

I kneeled down and praised the lord

Of college-town convenience stores

And within minutes, head ablaze

Was racing back to type away

Wrote and quoted, fingers lurched

Hours spent in throes of research

Morning came with roommates, holding

Plastic cups of Corn Flakes, scolding

?Dude, it?s early, you don?t look dead,

Don?t you know that meth is bad??

?Hah!? I laughed, my mind still keen,

?No meth here, just sweet Taurine!

What it is, I couldn?t say,

But that?s what?s kept me up all day.?

I was done, my paper finished

But my pride, it soon diminished

I looked down, my printer broken,

No more ink, the fates had spoken

Transferring to a flash drive

I grabbed my stuff and ran outside.

The sunlight came like a boot to the eyes

But I was late, I hadn?t time

A forty minute drive to school

And add to that, no parking, too.

Printed off in record time -

No one?s in the lab by nine -

Stumbled into class, prepared?

Greeting only empty chairs.

Checked the calendar, dismayed ?

"Instructor's out of town today,

Next week classes will resume."

Tilted head back, cursed the room.

So much trouble, so much fuss,

Thanks a lot, old syllabus.


A little different from the kind of stuff I usually post here...mostly because it was written after 40 hours with no sleep. :roll:

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