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Facebook use undermines 'well-being'


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Using Facebook can reduce young adults' sense of well-being and satisfaction with life, a study has found.

Checking Facebook made people feel worse about both issues, and the more they browsed, the worse they felt, the University of Michigan research said.

The study, which tracked participants for two weeks, adds to a growing body of research saying Facebook can have negative psychological consequences.

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I'm not sure how valid a two weeks survey can be, but I do think people on Facebook tend to put a positive spin on their lives, which could be detrimental to those honest and not doing so well. Keeping up with the joneses is hard at the best of times.

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Actually, I think that's a hell of a good idea!

What they're monitoring aren't private emails, or private phone texts. They're monitoring public messages announced on social bulletin boards. They expect and want people to read and react to them.

Today, much of the bullying that happens to schoolkids is on this social media. Schools have rules against in-school bullying, but that's not where this occurs. How many suicides in the past year have been focused on social media messages?

No one can claim abuse of privacy here, and I can certainly see how problems could be caught early. Besides which, these are kids being monitored already by parents and school administrators, and kids are used to supervision of what they do. They frequently need it.

Nope, this seems like a good idea to me.


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